Deluxe Hummingbird – 3×3 Inches – Rainbow Maker – Crystal Suncatcher – Home, Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Car Decoration – Porch Decor – Sun Catcher – Hangings Crystal Glass Ornament

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  • Makes a great glistening sun catcher and or Christmas ornament
  • Includes a 4"L nylon-coated tiger tail wire for hanging
  • Hummingbirds with 20mm or 30mm Crystal Balls are 6 inches long
  • Spiral Mobile Hummingbirds 7-9 and 10-12 inches long with 30mm Crystal Ball attached

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Glistening Hummingbird - 2x3 Inches

All of my Hummingbirds are made right here at OMG headquarters in Sedona AZ, (not in China) they come in a variety of colors and different designs for you to choose from. Our customers that stock them won't see them in competing chain stores. We don't sell to Wall Mart!

Hummingbirds essence is of the winds of change, messages of wisdom ,enlightenment and communications from the elemental world. Hang them near a window to reflect sunlight and create brilliant streaks of rainbow color.

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