Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil – 32 oz. – Smokeless, Clean Burning and Virtually Odorless. For use in Candles, Oil Lamps & Hurricane Lanterns. Economical Alternative to Paraffin Oil Liquid Candle Wax. Use Indoors or Outdoors on your Patio. Add Candle Dye to Creat

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  • ORDER 2 and SAVE 5%! Longer Burning than Paraffin Lamp Oil
  • Clean Burning - Odorless & Smokeless - Be sure to use a NEW wick and keep the height as low as possible. You can get even the purist fuel to smoke if the wick is too high or has been contaminated.
  • Economical Alternative to Paraffin Oil
  • For Use in Oil Candles, Oil Lamps & Lanterns - IMPORTANT - Not For Use in Table-Top Fireplaces, Effusion Lamps or Catalytic Lamps that require Gel Fuel or Alcohol-Based Fuels
  • NOT Recommended for Tiki Torches (See Full Description)

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Product Description

Try our convenient 32 oz. of Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil. Firefly Fuel CLEAN lamp oil is a DIRECT REPLACEMENT for paraffin lamp oil. NEVER MIX FUELS as mixing will change burning characteristics.

Firefly CLEAN lamp oil is smokeless, sootless, virtually odorless, provides a great flame and is longer lasting than paraffin oil. Firefly CLEAN Fuel is just a simple, safe product. Note: We compare our CLEAN Lamp Oil to OUR Paraffin Lamp oil only which is the highest grade you can purchase.

We recommend using CLEAN lamp oil in small-wicked devices such as oil candles, oil lamps and lanterns. We DO NOT recommend using this oil in large-wicked vessels like tiki torches as it will smoke. Additionally, Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil will perform adequately in Aladdin Magical Mantle Lamps. It will not provide as bright a flame as a 1-k kerosene, Kleen Heat or Aladdin Lamp Oil that have a 141-degree F - 145-degree F flash points. Firefly CLEAN lamp oil was designed specifically to perform best in lanterns with flat wicks and small round-wick candles. The flash point is 220 degrees F.

CLEAN Lamp Oil is for indoor and outdoor use. Firefly does not add any colorants and uses commercial-style bottles with childproof caps for safety.

We electronically seal our bottles to prevent leakage and our packaging has been tested and approved by FedEx to ensure the product gets to you in tip-top shape.

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