Hogar Static Cling Vinyl Decorative Privacy Butterfly Flowers Glass Window Film Black 3 FT x 7 FT

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  • Size: Width=35inch(3FT) Length=84inch(7FT)
  • Type: Static Cling
  • Applications: Tables, Bathroom windows, Sun rooms, Sitting room, Dining-room and the exhibition hall etc.
  • Privacy level: High (High level: opaque and blocks most light, it's used for security scene. Middle level: semi-translucent and allow some light to pass through, it's used for marginal importance scene)
  • Package Included: One roll of window film, no retail package, we will hand cut it by ourself, so sometime it won't be straight(If you order multiple lengths, you will receive film in one continuous roll).

Product Details

Product Description

The translucent image is visible from both sides of the window, providing style and privacy simultaneously.
Stereo adornment effect,making your room from strong sunlight,reduces 60% solar radiation in summer,keeps the heat in winter,saving electric ch t?ìŠ?‹Ó?îQ?Œ° 2 ?? ?? ?? ?? / ?? ?? Žï?ìô???Øy???Ò¨?Ÿ_?Æ...?˜ï?????????

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